Glad to be here again to officially publish a file synchronization service powered by ownCloud, a distinguishing and mature open-source file synchronization solution working just like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and so on which include such main featrues-but not limited to-as followings,

  • Multiple device cloud sync (e.g. home, school, office, ...)
  • Complete platform support (e.g. Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, ...)
  • File sharing via link (with optional password), or directly between users (R/W authorization customizable)
  • Operating records (enabling you to recall the deleted files within a certain period)
  • Selective sync (choose what you want to sync, or notify files larger than certain threshold for further comfirmation)
  • etc

Reason Statement

The only reason why Dropbox and Google Drive is not that preferred to some extent is due to the China mainland's GFW, making sync so simple a task rather complicated and not worthwhile though yet I am still, but not really suggested, striving for them by means of a brilliant proxy application named Shadowsocks I may later post another article about for a detailed introduction. And considering OneDrive provided by Microsoft, it could be a nice native sync solution, however it's DNS is, as reported, polluted , resulting in extremely slow sync speed and terrible/horrible user experience.

Some would say other cloud services as Baiduyun, Weiyun by Tencent and the like are quite popular in mainland of China, so why would I turn to ownCloud?

Well first, let's focus on the word stability, or more precisely, sustainability. Over the last few years, webdisks like 360 Yunpan, Kuaipan by Kingsoft, Vdisk by Sina and other similar nameless ones eventually stepped down from the stage of history in that fierce market competition, improper campaigns and, as the result, overwhelming users with almost unlimited storage together force them to shut down the business in consideration of tremendous financial burden.

Secondly, usability. After all, the only businesses still remaining on market, for example, Baiduyun or 115 maybe are somehow 'more stable' than others but let's look into them closely. We all know the previous has severe and rediculous speed limit on non-paid users and large shared files are only accessable through a stupid app while the later seems even more speachless for users are not allowed to login to their own account unless he/she has installed an app on his/her phone or, follow a 'kind advice' - installing their official 115 browser.

Last but not least, functionality. As far as I see, all various kinds of webdisks have limited features. Not a single product can I find on market the group sharing and cooperating function. If there exists one, it does not come for free and usually very limited data storage and transfer bandwidth. And then comes for extra fee.

Getting Started

Therefore, it's high time to establish a cloud service for ourselves. And here's the general infomation about the ownCloud service together with its server.

  • Server address: or
  • Username/password: (Please send me an email according to your preference.)
  • Server:
    • provider: Vultr
    • location: Tokyo, JP
    • Total storage: 25 GB SSD
    • RAM: 1024 MB
    • Bandwidth: 1000 GB/month

After you send me the application, please follow the client installation procedures. Here below lists a brief preparation for a computer.

  • Go to ownCloud official website to grab the right client for your device.
  • Install and run it.
  • Type the server path: or
    • Notice: instead of https, do type http and ignore the security warning if any pops up.
  • Login with credentials you apply via mail.
  • Select the contents to be sync from the cloud and the path to store them on your device.
  • Now you are good to go!
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