Today I got up late but whatsoever, I succeeded in rendezvousing with Elisa and Pier and also Michele at the heart of our school after they were attracted to participate various business promotions held by NIVEA, ADIDAS and JD. Oh, sorry for not mentioning another nice guy from PoliTong Program who together with us had our delicious lunch at the restaurant Menxiang according to my suggestion.

We ordered a fantastic fish-on-fire, the most attractive dish I believe, and others were like well-cooked ribs, Chinese kale, fried rice as main dish, and grilled banana as dessert. We really enjoyed the relaxing and warm talk on all sorts of topics as exams, China, Italy, Emilia-Romagna, internships, experiences and a lot more. After that, we help with the guy to the China Telecom store of the campus for internet connection. It was so lucky because if came several minutes later, he needs to wait for another extra 1 day. I also remembered to make a correct key of the new lab to Michele. What a shame that last time I cloned the wrong key. My apology.

After we said goodbye to Michele and the PoliTong guy, I went to Elisa and Pier's new apartment. I had their phone both set up with the ofo bike app, before which the Wechat payment method is also introduced and explained. Another apology for Pier for not being able to verify the student identity due to the improper registration procedure. God damn ofo bike app who knows. But finally it turned to be a great success for Elisa in that, thanks to the promotion, being entitled to the privilege of unlocking and riding any ofo bikes at anytime before the end of this semester costs only ¥9.9. Awesome deal as far as I'm concerned.

So we each grabbed a bike and headed for the police station. However, after our arrival they said we need to supply the copy of the estate ownership certification of the owner and her ID card. But the good news was that I can give in the materials tomorrow for Elisa and Pier since their boss was already not satisfied for some bull-shit reasons and wanted them to start to work ASAP. Whatsoever, no one's gonna change their determined mind that they will settle down just near our campus where the transportation cost for them were boasted as high as ¥150 for a round trip by taxi but actually ¥40 is enough for the single way after several negotiations of the list of the Tongji Guards' Car Service one by one and eventually I managed to convince one of them to offer the lowest possible price as above.

Now I need to go to the police station and then the China Telecom tomorrow since these two missions were our original motivations. Ironically we failed both because it was too late for the latter one. Whatsoever we managed to creat new bank accounts for Elisa and Pier, which was not in our plan.

But before I step out tomorrow, I'll go to the agency to ask for the copies needed at the police station since the owner of the apartment has no ability to follow my instructions. So poor.

Actually I need to contact the manager of the China Telecom about the address of the new internet connection to be set and also consult whether it's possible to sigh the contract without my ID card. Yes, I left my wallet at home.

After a simple dinner at Lehui Restaurant, we proceeded to Lianhua Supermarket for some necessities. And just after we walked out the supermarket, our conversation were like,
Me: "I think something was wrong with the bill."

Elisa: "Oh really? Do we need to to come back...?"

Me: " No, we'd better not come back."

Yes, 8 pieces of towel only cost ¥10.45. How careless the cashier was! I could already tell he's an unprofessional greenie from his not being able to type in the barcode even after some tries but finally have to take it out of the package of the quilt for the scan. Am I talking too much irrelevant events sorry?

Anyway now I'm lying on the bed ready to sleep.

A new day awaits, and new voyages to made.

Just in memory of the wonderful experience with the reunion.


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