As is known to all that Chinese internet situation is well-known for its unbelievable governance and mis-indication, which encouraged millions of people to discuss, develop and deploy various kinds of proxy tools on different platforms. In this passage, please allow me to introduce a so-far classic as well as state-of-art solution for Windows PC users.


No bullshit, Let's just dive into yet another very interesting tech blog.

(Supposing you are using Chrome/Edge.)

Deploy In Just 10 Steps

Step 1: Download and launch the program (v2rayN.exe)


Step 2: Find the running program in system tray.


Step 3: Double click to show main panel, then admire for a while.


Step 4: Right click on tray, set to "System Proxy".


Step 5: Open Chrome/Edge, and check if the website What Is My IP Address shows you are in Hong Kong.


Step 6: Nevertheless, keep calm and carry on. Let's visit and install the plugin: Proxy SwitchyOmega - Chrome Webstore. (The plugin just tells Chrome/Edge to "listen" to local proxy tunnel, say "Hey bro, there's a proxy tunnel on local port available, so let's route all the traffic to it."

Step 7: After plugin installation, let's config it like following.


Step 8: How about setting a quick-switch toggle so that proxy would be enabled by just one click.


Step 9: Now you should need to "Clear system proxy" so that it won't capture unnecessary domestic internet traffic.


Step 10: Visit What Is My IP Address website again, and this time try click on the proxy plugin icon to enable/disable proxy back-and-forth. You should see your real location and proxy location, accordingly.



Have fun

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