Now it's 2023, and it's been almost a decade since I acquainted myself with proxy things. Still can I remember the days when Google was still available in China when I was young but suddenly compulsory internet manipulation by GFW (Great Firewall) of Chinese government was put into action. China has been, to some certain extent, kept disconnected from the world since then.

Nowadays, we are living in a world of abundant information, where the way that people communicate, acquire knowledge, convey ideas, express attitude and of course, entertain are revolutionarily reformed. The endorsement of such trend is traffic - global internet traffic, making us linked tighter with each other (though sometimes it seems to be), more efficient and thus have more time to do other more meaningful things. One point we shall all bear in mind is that never overdose traffic as everything's intrinsic rule tell is it will for sure reversely cause damage to you. Hanging out, breathing fresh air, seeing mountains, seas and the most important - people in real life is of first priority.

Focus on the lock-down situation of Chinese internet environment, we nevertheless, still have ways to break out. There's no wall without a crack. Let's give no more bullshits and just get started of our fantastic journey to ChatGPT (OpenAI), Google, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Netflix, Disney+, etc...

This article is meant to snap a record of the latest and easiest ways to adopt different tools or apps on different platforms, based on you've already deployed the service on cloud VPS. So it will not cover all solutions since there are pretty a lot.

Section A - Only for iPhone/iPad and M1/M2 (ARM based) Mac devices

  1. Switch your AppStore Media & Purchases (not iCloud) to a non-Chinese account. (Ask Benny for a shared US-based account)
  2. Download the app named "Shadowrocket" (already purchased within account).
  3. Import profiles and run. (Set "Global Routing = scene" is recommended as it will automatically distinguish and bypass local traffic and just proxy international traffic.)


  1. Just visit to check if it works.
  2. Visit, good if it shows your real location. And visit, if it shows your proxy location, that's the way it's done.


  1. Remember to switch back to your own AppStore account.

Setion B - Only for Intel platform Mac devices

  1. Download client Qv2ray_macOS_intel.
  2. Extract zip and put Qv2ray under folder /Applications, shown as following.
  1. Launch Qv2ray. If OS shows warning due to security, go to Settings ➡️ Privacy & Security ➡️ "Open Anyway".
  1. After Qv2ray successfully launched, check following fields and correct accordingly, as I've already integrates latest XTLS-core into this application.
  • V2Ray Core Executable Path:
  • V2Ray Assets Directory:
  1. Import proxy config. (See shared Notes.)
  1. Double click the imported profile to enable.
  1. Install proxy plugins in browser for easy switch.
  • Open web explorer, here I recommend Microsoft Edge, then go install SwitchyOmega plugin to take over proxy options for Edge.
  • Show in toolbar.
  • Rewrite plugin config as following:
  • Set quick switch.


  1. Click SwitchyOmega plugin in toolbar, and it will turn blue (or maybe other color), indicating proxy connected.
  2. Just visit to check if it works.
  3. Visit, good if it shows your real location. And visit, if it shows your proxy location, that's the goal. (If not, manually check Qv2ray in the system tray ➡ Disable system proxy, and skip CN traffic.
  4. Click SwitchyOmega again to turn it grey, indicating proxy disconnected, then the site will show your real IP immediately.
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