Although like yesterday, another 'heart-attack', today is not that severe. Maybe it's because today's Friday. Maybe I've got used to it.

There are several things worth to be mentioning.

First of all, I happened to meet Luigi Di Stefano on the corridor between the two buildings of our school, our Computer Vision and Image Processing teacher. Rather amazing.

Second of all, because it's after first of all and indeed it's really after the above first of all, I went to the cafe for lunch. I paid €50 for a €2,60 farcita and the cashier should give me €47,40 for change. At first, the cashier gave me €5 and I believe she would give me the left €42,60. However, when I took over the change, and walked over the picking desk, I realized the change was still €47,50. WTF! I came back and argued that she over-changed me. She finally noticed her fault, which turns out that I'm a good boy and good at Maths.

Third of all, when the class was over, I suddenly realized that I forgot to take my umbrella that I left in front of LAB 2 on Monday. I was afraid that maybe I would never find it. But I want to have a try. I entered in LAB 2 without swapping my ID card on a RFID reader because in coincidence two men in charge of the lab came out. I asked the only one left in the lab and I thought that he must be a student. However, finally it turns out that he's also in charge of the lab. What a shame for my asking him 'Who is in charge of this lab?'

After I stated my situation, he picked out the key and opened the door of the central control room, coming back with my lost umbrella held in his hand. I expressed my surprise and gratitude to him and I left the LAB 2 which I may never enter again.

Last of all, I went to the Conad Ipermercato (to buy a box of crisps). When determining which milk I would pick, I realized that there were some labels over few bottles' necks saying about the €0,30 discount on purchasing that specific kind of milk. I scanned the bar code but it didn't work. Whatever I picked anyway, hoping it may work at the cashier. However it didn't work after my first self try. When I'm on the edge of giving up, I turned to a staff for help. And again surprisingly, she managed to apply my coupon, discounting €0,30 dramatically!
Sweet Milk

Oh suddenly it comes to my mind that today I also picked a parcel at the residential office. The woman recognized me at the first glance and pointed at the largest box saying that that was mine. Wow, maybe recently I bought too many things on Amazon.

After all, I need to keep calm and carry on.

BTW, the milk tastes sweet but I like the pure original flavor.

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