Though not working that hard on study, we after all had a joyful time at Koko Ristorante Wok on a relaxing Saturday night raining cats and dogs.

By the way, we do see some dogs both on street and on bus. Lovely aha?

Anyway, after serving ourselves dishes and dishes of cuisines, an emergence of sense of satisfactory is in the air.

And now we are 'unmovable'.

Wait for the bus to go back and have a tight sleep, after a tiny interval for study.

Good And Night!

![Funny Dog](/content/images/2016/05/Funny-Dog.jpg) ![Eating at Koko](/content/images/2016/05/Eating-at-Koko.jpg) ![Sit And Wait](/content/images/2016/05/Sit-And-Wait.jpg) ![Night-View-of-Bologna](/content/images/2016/05/Night-View-of-Bologna.jpg)

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