Yesterday I went back home with thorough consciousness that today I would not only have but deliberately skip the tedious and meaningless course remaining mandatory — it is the so-called

The Study of Theory and Practice of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

This course remains, not only at this stage but will also indeed throughout a tremendous period of time in the future, mandatory.


—— Benny

I'd be pretty interested in how many of us students would still pick this course on his/her own if such course is not mandatory.
Though the hateful teacher recorded my absolute absence, I didn't feel a bit of regret, even if today our ridiculous 11-people-group was supposed to give a ridiculous presentation on a ridiculous topic from a ridiculous list initialized by the ridiculous teacher hosting this ridiculous course for which one would not be qualified to enroll on its final exam if caught absent over 3 times — yet still a long way to get rejected since the course is held every two weeks.
News came from the 'frontline' that the presentation was a total catastrophe, thanks to my wise anticipation. Everyone who were at the scene I believe, would definitely hope he/she wouldn't have been there.


Another crappy course this semester I have is called

(English) Literature Reading & Translation

Deep impressions of huge pile of translation homework can be guaranteed. At first, I do hard and translate every single sentence with reference to online versions. Now I just open a browser and search for answers without even a glance at the long sentences in that after all I realize that doing homework is just a waste of time since the teacher never correct it but still keeps giving out every week. That's why I copy the online translation like how a medical doctor does.


Keep calm and carry on.