Since 2020, Apple has stopped rolling out Macbooks based on Intel (x86) CPUs. Instead, in-house design chipset M-series (ARM) by Apple Silicon were stretching devastatingly along almost all new Apple product lines - Mac, Macbook, iPad, Vision Pro, etc. Looking for a proper proxy program that could support state-of-art protocols could be a tough task. Anyway, in this passage, I'll show you the solution that works so far so good.


No bullshit, Let's get started.

(Since native Mac explorer Safari does not support plugin, please install Chrome/Edge for better experience.)


Step 1: Download the proxy client program — v2rayU (31MB), install it (drag into Program Folder), eject, and run from your program path.

If there's any security warnings by macOS, please follow below procedure to run it.

Step 2: Find it in the menu bar after you launch it, then "Turn v2ray-core On" first.

Step 3: Let's move on to "Configure..." shown in above picture.

Step 4: Follow below 1-2-3-4; 1-2-3-4; ... to finish each link start with ss://...

Step 5: You'll see all available lines here:

Step 6: If you've already got Switchyomega plugin installed in the Chrome/Edge, please skip this step and directly go to next step. Otherwise, please set to "Global Mode" (above "Manual Mode") temporarily as we need to visit Chrome AppStore to install the plugin — Switchyomega.

Step 7: After plugin installation, config as following.

It's worth mentioning that by default, v2rayU (macOS client) provides listening port — 1080. So for the port here on macOS, please input 1080 accordingly.

Step 8: As always, you can enable fast switch by just 1 click after following config.

Step 9: Set back to "Manual Mode". So in Chrome/Edge, you could now enable/disable proxy by just hitting the plugin icon — Blue is on, grey is off.

Step 10: You can optionally "Launch v2rayU at login" by checking the box in Preferences... -> General.

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