Nowadays, thanks to VNC, it is already a mature solution using your smart device (i.e. a phone or a pad) for the local control of a computer with both connected to the same LAN, or remotely if to the internet. However this article is going to tackle the 'inverse' problem - controlling your smart device on your computer. Here we just take iOS devices for illustration since they are actually the problem.


Let's go straight away to the solution. We need to point out in the beginning that the iOS device to be dealt with here is required to be jail-breakable. To make sure if your device supports or not, please refer to this website. Otherwise the following paragraphs will turn out to be useless if your device doesn't.

If your device support, then congratulations, we can achieve the goal by first preparing the following software.

  • PPhelper - The latest official jail-break tool.
  • Airplayer - A software for Airplay server establishment.


  • After you've finished installing the PPhelper, launch it and it will look like this asking you to connect your device.

  • Connect your iOS device to your computer.

  • Click the following button to jail-break your iOS device according to its simple instructions.

  • Then after the automatic reboot, find an app called PG Client to check if it succeeds or not.

Install the Plug-ins

  • Open the app Cydia on your iOS device, in the 'Search' section, search for Veency and install it.
  • After reboot, you'll see Veency and Mouse column in the Settings on your iOS device.
  • Set a password for Veency connection.
    Veency password

Rock'n Roll

  • On your computer, run the Airplayer, allow it for internet access.
  • Make sure your computer and your iOS device are under the same network.
  • Drag from the bottom of your screen on you iOS device, then it will show up the option for Airplay, choose to "mirror" your screen to the computer.
    Option for Airplay
  • On your computer, you can right away see what's being displayed on the iOS device.
  • Hit the third icon in the upper left part of the Airplayer to ask for control privilege.
  • In the pop-up window, type the password you've set previously in the Veency column on your iOS device.
  • Left-click for screen touch, right-click for home button, wheel click for power button.
    [Hint: Use double right-click to activate application switch interface.]
  • Enjoy.
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